What makes a private club “modern”? Does it mean you can wear jeans? It’s much more than that.

It’s much more than crowning a new King every time a young player blows away the field (a la Jordan Spieth at The Masters). Although exciting, and a great story line, this is not enough to grow the game, and help private clubs succeed.

As clubs struggle to retain membership, and some even consider cashing in on their land value, the need to reinvent the private club is clear.

Perhaps a modern club is agile, and evolves to suit the needs of their membership. The best companies listen to their customers, and the best leaders listen to their experts. Members are asking for more value in their memberships, and they want an interactive experience.

Baby boomers and millennials are different from previous generations. They have less time (and with millennials, less money) and they have different private club expectations. They embrace technology, can adapt quickly, and are open to change. The new generation is always connected and never without their phone. Can you remember the last time you golfed without having your phone in the cart? 

In a world full of clouds, beacons, GPS devices, wearables, shot trackers and augmented reality, where is the interactive golf club experience? Where is the innovation? Why are clubs not leveraging new technology to provide the most exceptional private club experience? 

A modern club embraces new technology, a changing membership, culture shifts, but most of all, it listens to their members. 

Clubio is a mobile platform that provides the tools private clubs need to create a better experience, and extract the most membership value.

The future of sports clubs is here. Is your club a modern club?